Which Glasses Suit My Face Shape?

published at 14 Apr 2022
reading time 3 min read

How to Find the Right Frames for your Face Shape

The wrong pair of glasses can completely change your life. Because eyeglasses not only correct vision difficulties, but they also make you seem better, more distinguished and more attractive. The shape of the face must be taken into consideration when selecting eyeglass frames. It aids in hiding flaws, enhancing strengths, putting them on, feeling confident, and being oneself.


Today, A Matter of Sight offers some helpful tips for selecting eyeglass frames that complement your face shape.

Oval Face Shape

An oval face is naturally symmetrical and on a vertical plane and is longer than it is wide.

Yes: Shapes like round, square, and Cat Eye can make your face appear smaller and longer.

No: Oversized eyeglass frames are a no-no since they make your face appear too small and imbalanced.


Square Face Shape

The face shape normally has the same width and height of the face.

Yes: The width of the frame should be equal to the widest part of your face. It will make your face look longer. It will give you a longer-looking face. The angles of a square face will be balanced and thinned with oval or round eyeglasses.

No: Thick legs and eyeglass frames as they highlight your angular features and make a square face appear bulkier.


Round Face Shape

The face shape is very wide with cheeks and has a rounded chin.

Yes: The width of the frame should be equal to the widest part of your face. Square or rectangularframes can help to balance out your round features by making your face appear smaller and longer.

No: Small round eyeglass and rimless frames as they will make the cheeks look even rounder.


Heart Face Shape and V-Triangle Face Shape

Both facial types have a large forehead, thin jaw, and chin. A V-triangular face, on the other hand, has a significantly narrower chin.

Yes: Eyeglasses with curved edges, either round or square, will aid to detract attention from a broad, high forehead. Alternatively, use rimless frames. Light-colored eyeglass frames are also a good choice.