Eyeglasses Fitting

With so many people opting for contact lenses and Lasik, you would think that glasses are no longer necessary. They do, however, have their applications. There will be times when you’ll need to remove your contacts to allow your eyes to breathe. It could also be that post-Lasik presbyopia has crept up on you over the years, requiring you to wear glasses once more. Or you may prefer to wear glasses for comfort or aesthetic. We utilize our eyes more than ever, and a good fit helps to ease the strain put on your eyes due to the proliferation of technology. 

Selecting eyeglasses is more than just a matter of personality. Finding the perfect pair requires both science and art. At AMOS, our skilled opticians are here to assist patients in getting the finest fit for their eyeglasses both visually and aesthetically in the following ways: 


  • Prescription: The strength of your prescription will influence the frames you choose. How? Because the thickness and shape of your lenses are influenced by your prescription. Our optician will explain the distinctions between various lens materials and coatings, helping you in selecting the ideal balance between functionality, aesthetic, and cost-effectiveness.
  • Face Shape and Features: Have you ever tried on a pair of eyeglasses that looked terrific on the shelf but weren’t what you expected when you put them on? That is very natural. Our optician can tell what shape your face is (oval, square, round, heart, or diamond) and can help you narrow down frames from there. We can also help you determine the proper frame width for your face and dial in other aspects of eyeglasses fit, including the positions of your eyes, nose, cheeks, temples and ears.

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