It is a Twosday on a Tuesday!!

published at 22 Feb 2022
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Do you know that the number TWO really matters not just because it is a Twosday on a Tuesday (02/22/2022) today, but because it has significant meaning for your eye health as well ?

The numerator 20 (front) indicates the distance at which the individual being measured can read all standard size characters accurately from a distance of 20 feet.

The denominator 20 (the latter) refers to the distance at which a normal individual can correctly read all of the letters at the same distance. If you have a vision level of 20/20, that’s the equivalent of a normal person’s eyesight.

BUT…20/20 vision isn’t everything.

The 20/20 sight is not enough to say that your vision is perfect. Because these numbers only show “You can see clearly at a distance,” but how our vision functions is more just that, such as focus, visual field, color perception, and eye-muscle coordination. If your vision is worse than 20/20, get professional advice as it may cause eye discomfort, migraines, and eye socket pain.

Photo credit: <a href=””>Eye chart photo created by xb100 –</a>