Fact or Fiction? The Myths About Eyeglasses

published at 27 Jul 2022
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All optometrists are familiar with common eye health myths, such as how carrots improve vision and how eyeglasses actually worsen vision. What is the most common myth about eyeglasses? Do they have the truth?

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Myth 1# Wearing glasses makes your eyes dependent on them.

Not true. The most popular vision-correction device is a pair of glasses. Yet there are some people believe that wearing glasses frequently makes your vision poorer. Your vision will be corrected with eyeglasses; it won’t get worse. While it is possible that your vision declines with age, it is not due to wearing glasses. You’re just getting accustomed to your improved eyesight when you feel like you need to wear your glasses more regularly.


Myth 2: Wearing incorrectly prescribed eyewear might harm your eyes.

Everybody has a different prescription for eyeglasses. To improve your vision, the right and left eyes must be examined separately because your right and left eyeglass prescriptions are typically different. With that in mind, wearing someone else’s prescription glasses will only keep you from seeing the best you can and nothing more.


Myth #3: Sunglasses are the best way to protect your eyes from the sun.

Just because sunglasses are shaded doesn’t mean they’ll protect your eyes. Even clear prescription lenses with UV-blocking chemicals can effectively shield your eyes from the sun’s damaging rays. Make sure the sunglasses you purchase offer enough UV protection rather than merely dark shade.


Myth #4: By performing eye exercises, you may avoid wearing glasses.

Your vision’s clarity is influenced by a variety of things, including the health and conditions of your eye tissues and the shape of your eyes. Even while eye exercises may have some advantages, you may still require glasses or corrective lenses.


Myth #5: Avoiding your eyeglasses occasionally is beneficial for your eyes and allows them to rest.

Wearing glasses does not make your eyes dependent on them, as was stated in Myth #1. Use your prescribed glasses if you have them. Your vision won’t be worsened, and there won’t be any eye issues. If you take a break from wearing them, you’ll just strain and wear out your eyes more quickly.


Source: VSPDirect

Photo Credit: Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash