Eye Muscle Strengthening Exercises

published at 24 May 2022
reading time 2 min read

Long-term eye use, such as reading a book, using a computer or smartphone, causes the eye muscles to work harder, leading to weary or strained eyes. There is a simple exercise that can be done to assist reduce eye muscle stress and restore normalcy to the eye muscles.

  1. Use your dominant hand to hold a pencil or a pen. Then extend your arm all the way out with a pencil in the center of your nose
  2. Fix your gaze on the pencil’s tip with both eyes. Only the tip of a pencil will be visible. If the tip of a pencil is visible as double images, close both of your eyes and then open them again. Try to spot one distinct pencil tip.
  3. Bring your hand closer to your eyes slowly. When you notice a pencil tip separating into a double or foggy vision, take a step back and start over at arm’s length, moving in about 10-12times before stopping.

During the first few day of exercising, you may experience eye pain because the eye muscles have never been exercised before. However, you should try to keep practicing until getting used to it, the pain in the eyes will be reduced and gone.