Three Reasons Why We Should Put Away Our Phone Before Bed

published at 21 Feb 2022
reading time 2 min read

Many people have become accustomed to utilizing these sophisticated devices at various hours of the day and night. Your hand may still be scrolling on the tablet screen and your eyes may be fixed on the smartphone as you lay your head on the pillow. Did you realize that your activities might disrupt your sleep?


Here’s why using smartphones before bedtime will keep you awake;

  1. Inhibiting melatonin : Blue light from screens inhibits or distorts the production of melatonin, a key hormone that facilitates sleep which is directly connected to our circadian rhythm.
  2. Keep brain alert : When we use a smartphone, our brain understands that we still need to work. The brain will constantly attempt to keep us awake so we can respond to our work.
  3. Sleep disturbance : Whether it’s through social media or e-mail, work and personal concerns will make us nervous and disrupt our sleep.


What should you do if you want to use your phone before going to bed?

  • To protect your eyes, use a light filter or ‘Night Mode’ to lessen the effects of blue light.
  • should avoid using mobile phones or any other blue light equipment for at least 30 minutes before going to bed
  • Put your phone in a different room to keep you from checking it in the middle of the night.


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