Polarized Sunglasses, What about it?

published at 06 Oct 2022
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How Do Anti-Glare Glasses Work?

Usually, light scatters because it reflects uneven surfaces at different angles. However, light only reflects at one angle from a smooth surface, such as calm water or just a flat piece of sheet metal. Glare is what we call the situation where this light directly reflects in your eyes. Sunglasses with polarization eliminate glare and address this issue.

To filter light, polarized lenses have a unique chemical applied to them. In order to prevent some of the light from entering through the lens, the molecules of the chemical are arranged in a particular way. Imagine it as a window miniblind that is hanging there. The only visible light comes from the blinds’ openings.

The filter on polarized sunglasses makes vertical light holes. Only light rays that are directed vertically toward your eyes will pass through those gaps. The lenses, for example, stop all horizontal light waves from refracting off of a smooth pond or a shining automobile hood. The outcome of this filtering is a somewhat darker-than-normal image when using polarized lenses. Everything around you have more color, clarity, and detail when the glare is gone. This is really useful when doing outdoor activities. You’ll be able to see farther in front of you while skiing, look through the water while fishing, and enjoy a wider color range of the sun set.


Who would love polarized lenses?

Polarized sunglasses aren’t just for beachgoers, fishermen, or boaters. The use of this kind of sunglass lens can help anyone who is disturbed by glare from the outside.

Sunglasses with polarization can be useful while driving as well because they lessen glare from light-colored pavement and cars.

Polarized lenses can also be helpful for some light-sensitive persons, especially those who have just undergone cataract surgery.


Fun Fact about polarized sunglasses : )

Polarized lenses are not advised for pilots since they may impair their ability to see the cockpit’s liquid crystal instrument panels while in flight. This could be a serious safety risk.


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Source: American Academy of Ophthalmology