Here Are Five Ways to Keep Your Eyes Healthy This Fall

published at 21 Sep 2022
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Don’t we all in love with Fall? Bonfires,  pumpkin pie, apple picking, a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities, and even just taking in the crisp, cool air are just a few of the many reasons to adore fall. Well, in addition to these pleasures, fall can also bring eye irritations like dry eyes, allergies, and other irritants. Fortunately, we have some eyecare advice for you so that you can take full advantage of the season : )


Keeping Your Eyes Moist

Your eyes may feel dry and inflamed due to the cooler, drier air of autumn. Avoid overly warm / heated rooms (artificial heating can dry out your eyes even more than the outdoor air), wind, and hair dryers as much as you can to prevent dry eyes. In order to keep your eyes moist, use artificial tears.


Avoid SPOOKY Issues with Costume Contact Lenses

Costume contact lenses can greatly enhance a Halloween appearance. However, if you didn’t get a prescription for decorative contact lenses after having your eyes examined by an eye doctor, you’ll want to avoid the frightening consequences of doing so. Contact lenses obtained without a prescription are prohibited and may not fit well or be sterile. This results in uncomfortable and occasionally fatal eye infections. Make sure to have a complete eye examination and the correct fitting for the colored contacts you want.


Protect Yourself Against Allergies

The best defense against seasonal allergies is to stay away from the airborne allergens that cause uncomfortable symptoms. You are not forced to stay inside until winter because of this. By using eyewear like glasses or sunglasses, you can protect your eyes from allergies. Because nobody wants to deal with itchy eyes while they are driving, it also helps to drive with the windows up.


Take Precautions During Fall Sports.

Sports return when students return to school. Unfortunately, the trauma of eye injuries can mar good times. On the court, ice, or playing field, be sure to use the appropriate eye protection. The risk of eye injury varies depending on the sport. Use the appropriate eye protection for the sport you are participating in. Also keep in mind that standard eyewear does not provide adequate eye protection. They can have the potential to exacerbate an injury if they break.


Enjoy eye-friendly foods of fall.

Feast on the seasonal fruits and vegetables, which are abundant in vitamins C and A and other nutrients that are great for eye health, to take advantage of all that autumn has to offer. Eat plenty of turnips, cauliflower, pumpkin, pomegranates, pears, squash, and pomegranates. The taste is yours to savor, and your eyes will benefit as well.



Source: American Academy of Ophthalmology

Photo Credit: Freepik