Happy World Optometrist Day : )

published at 28 Mar 2022
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Happy World Optometrist Day


Have you ever canceled an eye doctor’s appointment? It happened not only to you, but many of us believe that our vision is normal and that there is nothing to worry about. That is why it’s such a simple thing to fix and get your perfect vision, yet so many people still have eye problems. On World Optometry Day, A Matter of Sight is committed to improving vision care standards and raising awareness about the need of family vision care as well as a regular visit with your optometrist.


Here are some reasons why you should see your eye doctor on a regular basis.

An optometrist can help you to

  • protect your eyes and ensure that you are able to see well in the future.
  • gain a better understanding of your eye’s overall health
  • detect eye conditions like cataracts and glaucoma at an early stage preventing you from permanently losing your eyesight
  • find other health issues by just checking your vision health such as blood pressure and diabetes.
  • update your prescription when you experience headaches, squinting, eye fatigue or blurred vision


Although World Optometry Day occurs only once a year, we should be more aware of how importance our eyes are, give them a break and have your eyes checked each year (at A Matter of Sight, of course!) Remember, prevention is always better than the cure!


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