Dry eyes: The Unseen Dangers of Screen Addiction

published at 26 Apr 2022
reading time 2 min read

Dry eyes are a typical issue that affects people of all ages. This is primarily due to the lacrimal glands’ failure to produce enough tears. Alternatively, the tears generated may be of poor quality, unstable, and unable to keep the eyes moist. Inflammation, irritation, and damage to the eye’s surface are all possible outcomes.

With the impact of technology on work and daily life, it is a key contributor to eye health issues.  Whether we are working on a screen, in a place with insufficient light, or addicted to using the smartphone screen, the eyes are inevitably damaged.

When we use our eyes in this way, the tears we produce are insufficient to nourish the eye surface. Blinking ordinarily occurs at a rate of 12-15 times per minute, however when close vision is used, blinking is reduced to three times the normal pace. Because the eyes are focused, tears evaporate irreversibly during blinking, causing the dry eyes. Although it is something that many people are used to and end up with dry eyes. Artificial tears are used to moisten the eyes occasionally.

But did you know that your dry eyes could be more serious than you think? It could be due to a lack of tears to lubricate the eye’s surface, or it could be due to excessive evaporation.

Dry eye disorders that occur often can cause corneal damage and inflammation. It’s serious enough that it can lead to infection and blindness.

It is more than just dry eyes.

Dry eyes are also the major cause of Computer Vision Syndrome, an eye illness caused by lengthy periods of computer use, resulted in eye pain, impaired vision, watery eyes, and dry eyes.

However, along with the severity of the condition, there will be headaches, neck, back, and shoulders. will rise in proportion to the amount of time spent in front of the screen.

It can be seen that ‘dry eyes’ can lead to other eye of unexpected eye illnesses.

Therefore, if there is a need to use the eyes, you should always keep your eyes healthy. Rest your eyes periodically and supplemented with natural nutrients such as lutein, beta-carotene and bilberry extract. In the long run, this will help to strengthen the eyes.

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